We work with individuals and families to address specific issues faced and to conduct family educational meetings in support of the loved one with dementia.


We provide education and training opportunities to raise awareness of dementia symptoms, issues required to be addressed of each disease stage, care strategies that focus on connection and communication, as well as self-care to address caregiver burnout.

Training Schedule


We are available to speak on a variety of topics related to dementia, elder care and self-care for caregivers.

We use the arts to support communications and connections of loved ones living with dementia related diseases. We customize our services to meet your unique needs.


We facilitate short-term, issue specific discussion with families facing decisions related to the loved one living with dementia impacting personal decision-making capabilities.

We focus on empowering caregivers to honor the needs and desires of those they serve while maintaining their own health and peace.


Make a donation today to help us continue to support older adults and families caring for those suffering from dementia. Universal Dementia is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that relies on charitable contributions to sustain its outreach. Your gift of support is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.